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(NWWI) Assessment

The ‘Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut NWWI, validates the assessment reports of all the property assessments of their members. If you have your assessment done via Lex van Leeuwen NVM Real-Estate Agency, you can be sure that every assessment is done according to objective guidelines as we are a member of the NWWI.

Order your NWWI rapportage


In this way, mortgage advisors for instance, have access to trustworthy and validated property assessments wherein clearly is specified how the evaluation is built up, as we are a member of the NWWI. You therefore have the distinct advantage, knowing that all Dutch mortgage providers accept NWWI validated assessments.

This is even a prerequisite set by a number of mortgage providers, even for non-NGH mortgages. So even if you choose to have a normal assessment done, you run the risk that this will not be accepted by several banks as they are not validated. Therefore we advise you not to run the risk! Cost wise it is not much more expensive but saves you almost double. Did you know that we provide a very competitive tariff for NWWI assessments (including validation)?

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